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Welcome to Rainbow Irrigation. We Provide complete irrigation solutions for the residential, commercial, as well as industrial industry.

We serve the greater Gauteng with installations and repairs and our Online Shop Delivers Nation wide. Our online store caters for all your Irrigation Equipment like sprays, Irrigation Controllers, Irrigation Rotors and even vales. Rainbow Irrigation has been awarded Top Contractor since 1996.

We have professionally trained staff and believe in personalised service, using only the top class Rain Bird and Hunter range of products. Rainbow Irrigation adheres to the standards of the Landscape Irrigation Association of South Africa (LIA).

About Us
About Us

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Still using your outdated hosepipe to water your garden? Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd provides the latest technology in precision watering to all of your landscape needs. With the new Wi-Fi technology at our finger tips to operate your irrigation system form anywhere in the world.

Away with the old school rain sensors and moisture sensors and hello to the weather station and flow sensors. Saving you up to 55% on your normal irrigation cycle. Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd however customise each and every award winning irrigation system to suite the client’s needs.


There are several factors which will determine the efficiency of your irrigation system and maintenance is probably the most important of them all. Just like all working compenents normal “wear & tear” will be common over time. This making regular maintentance on your system very important to ensure lognivity of your system.

Maintaining irrigation systems is one most effective ways to reduce wasted water, reduce pollution from run-off and over-irrigation, and improve plant health by applying the correct amount of water where it can be utilised by the landscape. As your landscape needs changes, we at Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd will be glad to assist and keep your garden green all year long.

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